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A brief introduction

            Bonsai is traditionally associated with the far east, particularly Japan. It actually has its roots in chinese history but it was the Japanese who can claim to have paved the way for what we have today. These days its popularity has spread across the world. Beginner trees can be bought at garden centres, supermarkets and even DIY superstores. These trees tend to be very basically designed, very similar and are often of poor quality. But this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the hobby is concerned. It is all well and good to buy a tree, enjoy looking at it and provide it with minimal care in order to keep it alive but the real joy of Bonsai is to be found at a more involved level. The horticultural skills needed to grow a tree in a pot are pretty basic and can be mastered by anyone with a modicum of common sense. The techniques required in training a tree to become Bonsai are a little more involved but the basics can be mastered by just about anyone. It is when these skills and techniques are combined with artistic flair that the true pleasure of Bonsai reveals itself. The ability to take a tree in a pot and transform it into a living work of art, is highly rewarding. The journey starts here.

Below you will find links to other articles on our site aimed at all levels and delivered in what I hope is plain English.
Please ask any questions that these articles may raise/

Mark Kennerley for Green Dragon Bonsai Jan 2000

WHAT IS BONSAI? - A brief introduction defining Bonsai

GETTING STARTED - A few simple pointers to get you going

TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES - An outline of the basic requirements

THE CHINESE ELM - Everybody starts here, some home truths

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - A whimsical look at some common problems

BONSAI CALENDAR - What to do and when to do it

STYLING - DEVELOPING THE EYE - Slightly more advanced but essential

5 MINUTE RAFT PLANTING - A simple project

THE ILLUSION OF BONSAI - More food for thought

BONSAI SOIL - A look at the essential of mixing a good Bonsai potting medium

BONSAI FEED - An overview of feeding practices to get you thinking



Useful Links to anything and everything in Cheshire
Links to the world of Gardening and garden related topics






Useful Links to anything and everything in Cheshire
Links to the world of Gardening and garden related topics

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