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Tool sets for Bonsai come in a wide variety of sizes, quality and content. Look carefully at what you need. This differs from what you think you need and will depend on what your ambitions in the hobby are, size of trees in your collection and depth of your pockets.

For example if you have one small tree living on the windowsill you may only ever need one pair of scissors that will do for trimming both foliage and roots(if you get that far). The quality will probably not be a major consideration so a cheap pair will be the order of the day and in many cases a normal pair of household scissors will suffice.

On the other hand if you have several large tree and are involved in eavy trimming, pruning and wiring you will need seperate scissors for foliage and roots, branch cutters, knob cutters, and wire cutters as a minimum and the addition of root cutters, trunk splitters, jin pliers, rakes, spatulas, tweezers, knives, brushes, bending jacks and anything else you can imagine may be seens as necessary. Size will be a consideration depending on sizes of trees involved and quality may become important if you intend your interest to last a lifetime.

There are many combinations in between these two extremes that will depend on level of interest, your understanding of what is actually needed, personal preferences regarding quality and in that respect the amount you can afford to invest.

I have always advised the following approach.

Lets look at quality first. There are basically three ranges of tools available in the UK.
Basic chinese tools, commonly sold attached to yellow card. These are perfectly serviceable tols for a beginner. I have sold thousands of these over the years and received hardly any negative responses. However, how long these tools retain their edges and how they stand up to neglect in terms of rusting is open to question. Scissors are fairly easy to sharpen but different quality steel will hold an edge in varying degrees. Other tools with shaped edges are harder to sharpen and to be avoided as more harm than good can be done if you don't know what you are doing. For this reason quality of branch cutters and knob cutters is more of an issue. You will see what I mean later.

Next step up in quality is what I refer to as the very good quality chinese tools that have recently flooded the market. As with all new introductions, the jury is still out as ultimately only time will tell but early impressions suggest that they are indeed very good.

For as long as I have been involved in Bonsai, the best choice of tools has been Japanese. The steel used has always been of a higher quality that holds a better edge for longer. This is where you find out what I mean as I have had a pair of Japanese knob cutters since 1993 in regular use that have never been or in my opinion have never needed sharpening!

The choice is yours.

The range of tools available can be mind boggling but in terms of what tools you actually need I have always advised the following approach in this order.

Start with a decent pair of scissors. As already mentioned the definition of "decent "is largely subjective. Choose the size based on the size of trees in your "collection", I use a pair of Japanes 210mm long handled stainless steel scissors for everything above soil level and a cheap pair of heavy duty scissors from B&Q for everything else from root trimming to hacking at plastic pots.

For anything too thick for scissors you should go for branch cutters. Again I use a Japanese 210mm carbon steel pair for most general cutting of branches but also use a 150mm pair for finer work on smaller trees.

If you are wiring you will need wire cutters. I use a pair of Japanese 210mm carbon steel wire cutters for everything. Bear in mind that a small pair may struggle to cut very thick wire and while wire cutting scissorsare easier to use, they can be prone to damage if pushed beyond their limit. Electricians wire cutters can be used but have their limitations when cutting wire off the tree.

If removing branches back to the trunk a pair of spherical knob cutters will leave the best shape of cut for good healing. I again choose Japanese 210mm but also have a smaller pair for nbbling away in tight corners and for shaping the edges of larger cuts. Consider spherical branch cutters as an alternative. They will largely do the job of branch cutters and knob cutters for the cost of just one tool offering the oppurtunity to focus more on quality.

Jin pliers are useful for stripping bark from jins and sharis and for getting that final turn on wire.

Beyond that, tweezers can be useful for weeding, root hooks are useful for combing out roots when repotting, root cutters are great for removing thick roots, nylon brushes are good for general cleaning and trunk splitters are pretty specialised and rarely used.

If in doubt seek advice from those who have gone before, remember that you get what you pay for and in general buy only what you need and get the best you can afford.



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